Stimwave Freedom SCS System and StimQ PNS System provides a safer approach to pain therapy, virtually eliminating the dangers associated with implanted batteries and toxic materials in your body.

With no more extra surgeries to replace batteries or electronics, and no open ports directly to your spinal canal, the Freedom SCS System provides you with a true freedom from wires, cables, and implanted generators- and best of all- no unsightly scars.

Freedom-4 is the world’s smallest neurostimulator and can be safely used in full body MRI 1.5T and 3.0T scanner systems. Since the power source is external, two or more devices can be implanted to increase pain coverage area – all powered from just one, single external unit. The wearable system is water-resistant and robust for use in daily life.

The external compact device incorporates easy-to-access buttons to change therapy intensity on the fly and can be recharged easily.

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