Doctors David M. DeChellis DO & Ankur R. Gosalia MD are pleased to announce the addition of Stimwave’s Neuromodulation Solutions for the treatment of Chronic Pain to their practice.

If you are experiencing burning or searing pain in a specific part of your body or having trouble with constant pain that other standard treatments have not resolved, then Stimwave has the solution for you.

Stimwave is the Worlds First Drug Free, Wireless, Miniature  Implantable  Device for People Suffering from Chronic Pain. Stimwave’s wireless device delivers small pulses of energy to specific nerves, triggering a reaction that enables the brain to remap pain pathways, thus providing pain relief.

To see what Drs. DeChellis and Gosalia’s Stimwave solutions can do for your pain issues, please use the contact page above, or call us at 412-533-2202 to schedule a consultation.

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